Our Poland Partner Church


Worship in Poland, 2013 

Dzięgielów Lutheran Church in Poland, and Zoar Lutheran Church,
are partner churches!


  Parafia Ewangelicko is a moderately-sized church located in the south-central part of the country of Poland, in a community called Dzięgielów (pronounced something like jen-gyay-loof).


See Parafia Ewangelicko's Church Life


 Groups from Zoar with other Oregon Synod churches traveled to Poland in 2004, 2006, and 2007. In addition to getting to know their congregation and its pastor, they traveled to the south-eastern corner of the country. It is a remote and scenic area, but the people are very poor and live at a subsistence level, just getting by. The area is not served effectively by any churches. Parafia Ewangelicko is developing a mission to those people. This involves such things as providing emergency help with food, clothing, school supplies, etc., creating opportunities for the children to attend Christian camps, and even advocating for the people at various levels of government. 

  In 2005, and 2012, groups visited Oregon from Poland.

  July 2013, we made our way to Poland for Bible Day Camp and to connect with our partner church again. We look forward to future trips!


The link below was a letter written to Zoar as an initial introduction to Dzięgielów. 


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Bible Day Camp in Poland, 2013








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